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Now Available for One-on-One Coaching, Metabolic and VO2 Max Testing, Endurance Event Management and Consulting


Allied Endurance

Allied Endurance was formed in 2021 after seeing several gaps in services with endurance event organizers and coaching.  We have seen a lot after being involved in cycling or running events for 20+ years, and two of the biggest issues seen during this time has been with organizing groups delivering safe, high quality events and coaches preparing athletes properly and managing expectations to participate in those events.  We are able to assist on both fronts, and improve the organizer/athlete relationship and create focused marketing moving forward for clients on both sides.


Allied Endurance combines expertise in developing great endurance events and maximizing the potential within endurance athletes through effective training.  We believe that an alliance in the desired goal or outcome is the basis for delivering success.  

Allied Endurance has over 15 years of experience in both coaching and organizing and managing events.  The skills and knowledge gained during this time, and learning from others will help deliver success and minimize the headache of trying to put together something without truly knowing what either endeavor entails.



Today I did several efforts on Monte Sano - tough, but not all out - and got several PR's, including the long effort all the way up, and another on Fearn that I've done so many times.  Just psyched, and wanted to say thanks for the training.

Tom H

Well run event!  Enjoyed the 30 mile course.  Some of those hills were brutal.  Looking forward to next year.

Kyle C

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